The luxury Travel Experts

“Luxury travel” can mean something different to all of us – you may find yourself taking a private night-flight over the Arctic Circle to witness the Northern Lights, nestling in 5-star tented accommodation, deep in the rainforest in an Elephant Sanctuary, or island-hopping around idyllic French Polynesia. No matter the destination, our travel experts are here to add the luxury to your travel.


Whether you’re dreaming of crystal-clear Caribbean waters, an African adventure in the wild, sampling Singapore’s finest cuisine or waking up in treetop villas in Thailand, our travel experts know where to find luxury. Whether you're returning to a well-loved destination but need a new resort to stay at or need some travel inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. There are countless hidden gems waiting for you to discover them all over the world; let us share our expertise and create your unforgettable holiday experience.

Travel in Style

Does your holiday begin at the airport? If so, travelling in a Premium Cabin is a must-do! From priority check-in, security & lounge access at the airport, to upgraded seats aboard your flight - including lie-flat beds - not to mention fine-dining, an extensive bar menu & more luggage allowance than you can carry, it’s the perfect way to start your next luxury holiday. Our travel experts can assist with Premium Economy, Business Class & First Class upgrades as well as private jet charters to a range of destinations.

Bucket List Trips

The beauty of a bucket-list is that it can be ever-growing and ever-changing as we go through life. It doesn’t have to be full of complex trips either; your list is just your holiday dreams, pending. Whether you want to journey across Canada by train, hike the Inca Trail in Peru, swim with pigs in the Exumas (and do it for the gram’), see wild elephants roam from your lodge in Botswana or simply relax in uninterrupted paradise, our travel experts are here to help make your dreams a reality. It’s that simple.

luxury sports travel

Lying on a beach may not be your pace, nor might all-inclusive resorts. If you prefer life in the fast lane, we are here to help curate a tailor-made itinerary for you to the world’s biggest sporting events. From The Ashes to Formula 1, US Masters to the Australia Open and beyond. Our travel experts will build a proposal around these global events with flights in your preferred class of travel (private jet charters available), accommodation, transfers or private driver, VIP tickets, hospitality access and much more.


A safari holiday offers the chance to see wildlife as they should be – in their natural environment. The thrill of getting close to big cats, elephants, birdlife, hippos & giraffes to name just a few, is one of the greatest travel experiences you can have. Easily paired with some of the worlds best & most beautiful beaches, bucket list road-trips, overnighting in luxury lodges & exploring exciting cities – they offer an abundance of opportunities along with a lifetime of memories. Our travel experts are here to assist with your adventure.

luxury rail journeys

Some destinations are only visible from the window of a moving train, meandering through the scenic landscapes of our continents. A luxury rail adventure is an incredibly immersive experience, varying from lush green forests to dry, arid plains to snow-covered mountains. Whilst these journeys are adventures in their own right, they often form part of a larger holiday, combining your time on the tracks with flights, end-to-end accommodation, excursions or even a cruise - our travel experts are here to help.