Bucket List Trips

a world of wonder awaits

bucket list / a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have
or accomplish during their lifetime (Cambridge Dictionary)

A bucket list can be full of aspirations – maybe you want to own a fancy car, get that well-deserved promotion at work, pay off your mortgage or even kiss the most beautiful person in the world. For many of us, travel features highly on our bucket lists, but where?

Firstly, there’s no wrong answers here – you can go anywhere you like. With so many different styles of travel – from adventurous to relaxing – and destinations far & wide, the world really is your oyster. We see our bucket list like a whole tray of oysters, and it’s delicious!

Our travel experts have selected a range of popular (and maybe some lesser known) bucket list trips from across the world to inspire your travels for 2023 & beyond. Whether they reaffirm somewhere you’ve been longing to explore, throw a (welcomed) spanner in the works, or surprise your mind with a new & exciting opportunity, we’re here to help plan these bucket list trips for you – but most importantly, with you – so that we can understand exactly what you want to get out of your adventure and how together, we can achieve that.

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escape to the indian ocean

Perhaps one of the most obvious, yet idyllic listers, is the Indian Ocean. From the impressive landscape of Mauritius, to the floating atolls of the Maldives, to the tropical greenery and remote islands of the Seychelles, it’s easy to see why this part of the world is so popular. The water is a mesmerising shade of blue, the palm trees are perfectly aligned and the beaches are so perfect, they make your journey around the island an experience in itself.

Mauritius is a fantastic place to begin – a brilliant blend of luxury resorts, cute harbour towns nestling the coastline, hiking adventures aplenty and catamaran trips, to name a few things. Whilst the primary focus of the Maldives may be to relax, a common misconception is that you’d be bored here, but we disagree – from cooking classes to snorkelling the house reefs; from golf & tennis to indulging in your private villa; from gourmet cuisine to sunset sailings, there’s always something to enjoy. Seychelles is a continuation of the escapism theme, with 3 islands offering a bounty of luxury resorts. Praslin & La Digue are reachable by boat or private flight, whereas Denis – a private island resort – is for those wanting that extra level of privacy.

Whether you simply want to feel the soft sand on your feet in paradise or perhaps extend your adventure with a stay in a bustling city – Dubai, Qatar & Abu Dhabi are all fantastic options for 3+ nights – our travel experts can advise on the best ways to maximise your holiday to the Indian Ocean.

elephant africa safari

be your own attenborough

Getting up close & personal with some of nature’s most famous (or even infamous) animals tops many a bucket list, and there’s likely more possibilities than you may think. A safari is a truly unforgettable experience, and it doesn’t have to be once-in-a-lifetime – there are so many regions to explore, each offering unique wildlife to uncover, in destinations across the world – from the African continent to Sri Lanka to Thailand, Indonesia & beyond.

If you’re in search of The Big 5, Africa is the place to be but seeing as we like to be specific, that’s just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. South Africa boasts a number of options – both in the Western & Eastern Capes – as well as Kruger, a vast National Park steeped in legend & history. An almost 20,000 km² park also provides a range of lodge options, from traditional tents to modern suites without compromising on your connection to nature. Perhaps the most iconic region is the Masai Mara in Southwestern Kenya. Being the most open & unrestricted reserve, you’re sure to find lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras & hippos here.

For an added experience, the Serengeti boasts the wildebeest migration (usually around September/October) along with countless other species. As this area is vast, your safari here will move around to take in Lake Manyara, the Tarangire National Park as well as the Ngorongoro Crater. Elevate your experience to new heights with a hot air balloon ride over this magnificent landscape, or extend your adventure with a beach stay in Zanzibar to unwind. Another alternate would be Botswana – the preservation of ancient migration routes has created one of Africa’s greatest spectacles of over 100,000 elephants, more than anywhere else in the world. You’ll witness plenty of hippos & crocs as you sail down the Okavango Delta, too.

And this is just one continent… there’s so much more to see and animals you can’t see anywhere else in the world. One of the best parts of a safari adventure is that it can a part of a larger trip. Combine a city-stay in Cape Town, a self-drive along the Garden Route with an Eastern Cape safari, or perhaps island-hop around Thailand, with a stay at Elephant Hills, a luxury tented conservation camp. Speak with our travel experts for more information and to start planning your bucket list safari adventure.

regent seven seas navigator in venice

sail the seven seas

We’re now entering an era of world cruise. As each new day dawns, we want to journey longer, deeper & further than before and a cruise is a spectacular way in which to do so. But where to begin? With more cruise lines than ever, new & wondrous itineraries waiting to be explored and these ultimate bucket list trips selling out years in advance, it can all be a little overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

Firstly, there’s a world cruise out there for everyone – whether this is your first foray and ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ is for you, or you’re an intrepid traveller who’s looking at a 200-day odyssey; whether you prefer 6-star formal dining or lean towards a more casual approach, our cruise experts are here to share our knowledge and advice on which cruise lines are for you, and to start planning your worldwide voyage.

Cunard started a trend in November 1922 when the Laconia departed for the first continuous circumnavigation of the globe and since then, countless cruise lines have continued in their wake.

A popular brand operating some of the shortest world cruises are Fred. Olsen, sailing roundtrip from Southampton for up to 101 nights, transiting the Panama Canal, Milford Sound & Suez Canal during their journey. New to the scene and trying to make a big impression is Royal Caribbean with their first ever world cruise – 274 nights, visiting 11 world wonders. Could you imagine spending 9 months at sea?

When it comes to luxury options, there’s no shortage. A boutique cruise line with ships carrying up to 700 guests, Azamara will be starting their 2nd world cruise in 2025 (the first is in 2024) spanning 156 days, with 46 late stays & overnights in port, giving you more time to explore & connect with each destination. With only a limited number of staterooms & suites available, planning ahead is key. Act fast and you might make Oceania’s new ‘Around the World 2025’ – a 180 day odyssey from East to West, with a whole host of luxury amenities included.

Craving even more luxury? Then Controtempo is for you – Silversea’s 137-night voyage from Tokyo to New York, including business class door-to-door service throughout. Now is the best time to discuss your world cruise plans with our travel experts so we can look to the future and book your oceanic adventure for 2024 & beyond.

rocky mountaineer goldleaf service

an ever changing view by rail

Some destinations are only visible from the window of a moving train, meandering through the scenic landscapes of our continents. A luxury rail adventure is an incredibly immersive experience, varying from lush green forests to dry, arid plains to snow-covered mountains and much more.

Perhaps the most popular bucket list train journeys are onboard the Rocky Mountaineer, with a selection of routes in Canada & the United States. Depart Moab bound for Denver as you weave through extraordinary landscapes of vast canyons & inspiring deserts, or traverse the Continental Divide as you wind through mountain passes between Vancouver and Lake Louise.

For most, the Rocky Mountaineer is something you do once, so we recommend doing it right the first time in their GoldLeaf Service – enjoy gourmet meals from onboard chefs as you take in the expansive views through the panoramic windows of the bi-level glass domed coach.

On a continent closer to home you’ll find the array of routes offered on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, where you’ll be wined & dined in meticulously resorted 1920s dining cars, relax in your plush cabins (if only the walls could tell stories…) as you discover the wonders that await during your journey.

Whilst you could enjoy a number of routes, it’s the Venice to London journey which is our top recommendation. After a mouthwatering seasonal menu, evening of cocktails & entertainment and a good night of sleep, wake up to Italian mountains passing on your left, or perhaps the rollings hills of the French countryside over coffee & pastry – bliss.

We guarantee there’ll be more choice than you realise, too. From the classic Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps to the historic temples & elusive tigers of India, to Japan, Australasia & beyond, our travel experts are waiting to help plan your adventure by rail, wherever in the world it may take you.

life is a daring adventure

Some crave tranquility, some crave escapism. Others, crave adventure. For those a bucket list can be filled with exciting events, alluring destinations & captivating discoveries. Do you want to see all the world wonders?

The explorers among us often view the world as a challenge – a historical checklist full of sites to see, like Easter Island. Others take on the challenge physically by conquering Kilimanjaro or traversing the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. If you’re a thrill-seeker, there’s a never-ending list for you; abseiling down Table Mountain in Cape Town, skydiving over Dubai, paragliding over Rio de Janeiro or even an open-door helicopter flight over Manhattan. Whatever gets your heart racing & your blood pumping, is an adventure waiting to happen.

As some bucket list destinations are only accessible on foot, naturally, others are only accessible from the water…

An expedition voyage ranks highly, but where to set sail? These harder-to-reach regions epitomise an adventure for many, without compromising on luxury or comfort. Explore Antarctica onboard a polar-class vessel; set sail from Ushuaia – the southernmost tip of South America, braving the infamous Drake Passage – or travel in style with Antarctic Airways on a chartered flight destined to meet the brand-new Silver Endeavour as she waits in Puerto Williams. If you prefer warmer climates, journey down the Amazon River towards Manaus, whereas if you want to connect with nature, explore the Galapagos, a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, teeming with exotic wildlife including the giant tortoise.

Have a need for speed? Then our travel experts can create a tailor-made itinerary around any Formula 1 racing event; Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas, you name it. Our unique approach also means we can create a larger trip around these special events – visit Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 before jetting off to the Indian Ocean for some rest & relaxation, for example.

Going for a hole in one instead? Our luxury packages for the US Masters (amongst other events) are unrivalled, including flights, accommodation, event tickets & hospitality, car services and more.