Want to travel in style?

For some, your holiday begins as soon as your neatly-folded clothes enter your suitcase. For others, it’s when you arrive at the airport. With a world at your fingertips – from short hops across Europe’s many hotspots, to destinations far & wide – you’ll soon be climbing to 36,000ft on your way to your next escape. For us, the flight is an integral part of our travel plans and when flying to long-haul destinations, we’ll always consider flying in a Premium Cabin, allowing us to arrive generally feeling more rested, well-fed & watered, without the aches & pains of being in a compact seat, perhaps even feeling refreshed from a shower. It’s time to explore the advantages of flying in style!

What options are there?

Whilst the actual options are specified by your destination & airline of choice, you’ll often find Premium Economy, Business Class and sometimes First Class available to elevate your onboard experience, each coming with a range of perks. Many of these really do begin as soon as you arrive at the airport and can even continue all the way until you arrive at your accommodation. Naturally, each of these ‘cabins’ have varying prices – our travel experts will always be honest and recommend whether the cost to upgrade is reasonable on your given flight(s), or not.

Emirates Premium Economy
Lufthansa Allegris First Class

What benefits can I expect?

There’s quite a range of perks and whilst these do vary by airline & cabin, below you can find a list of benefits that you can expect more often than not;

  • Premium Checkin at the airport – this may be a designated section or line, often much shorter than the Economy queue
  • Expedited Security – Business & First Class guests usually receive any FastTrack Security passes which may be available at your departure airport, allowing you to speed through these checks
  • Lounge Access – Business Class guests will receive complimentary lounge access if available at your departure airport, as well as any transit airports if you have a connecting flight
  • Private Terminals – with certain First Class products, you’ll experience a Private Terminal with dedicated checkin, restaurants & lounges to wait in and even be chauffeured directly to your flight
  • Luggage Allowance – most scheduled airlines allow 23kg on an Economy ticket, whereas premium cabins will often double that, if not more. Business/First Class tickets can often allow 2 or 3 x 32kg cases, ideal for those shopping trips to New York!
  • Aircraft Seat – you can expect more space, more comfort, more legroom & even upgraded amenities. Most long-haul Business Class products offer a lie-flat bed; some First Class products have seats that convert into a double bed!
  • Meal & Drinks Service – to match your plush seat, you can expect an elevated meal onboard, perhaps including more choice, nice silverware, cloth napkins, etc. There’s also no restriction on the number of, or what drinks you can order
ANA The Room
Emirates First Class

Is it worth it?

This is hard to answer with a simple ‘yes or no’, because it comes down the length of the flight(s) vs the cost of the upgrade, as well as how much you really want it. Whilst having a nice, reclining seat with a better meal and as many G&Ts as you want, if the Premium Economy ticket is £200-500 more per person, it’s a smart idea to take advantage. If the same ticket is £2,000 more, it’s definitely not. To explain this a little more, we’ve shared a few examples below;

  • London to New York, November 1st > 6th
    • Economy Roundtrip with British Airways – circa £350 
    • Premium Economy Roundtrip with British Airways – circa £625
      • We would say this is a good value upgrade on this route.
  • London to Dubai, November 1st > 6th
    • Economy Roundtrip with Emirates – circa £550
    • Premium Economy Roundtrip with Emirates – circa £1,500
      • We would say this is less of a good value upgrade on this route.

How do I know what my options are?

Our travel experts are here to share their knowledge and first-hand experience and can advise you what premium cabins are available to your particular destination and on your route. This is because not every airline or route offers the same – for example; Emirates do have a fantastic Premium Economy which you can fly to Dubai, but this only operates (currently) from London Heathrow and even then, only operates on select flights daily, not every departure.

Whether you’d like to consider your options at the time of booking or look at upgrading your ticket after your booking is confirmed, speak with our travel experts to start planning your next adventure and start your journey in style by travelling in a premium cabin.

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