the world's largest living museum

AlUla stands with two other great oases in northwest Arabia — Khaybar and Tayma – to create a place of profound history that is continuously evolving and becoming an increasingly impressive new destination for tourism.

The distinct geographical features – such as the famed oasis and imposing sandstone mountains, combined with its favourable climate – allowed numerous civilisations to thrive. Those who visit now embark on an authentic journey, travelling back in time, surrounded by wonders and a sense of discovery without sacrificing luxury whatsoever. Boasting some of the most mesmerisingly beautiful properties on this often lunar-like landscape, the mountains reflecting in the infinity pools, can be the perfect visual to pair with the term ‘wonderlust’. Our travel experts invite you to take a journey into the culture & history of this region on your next luxury adventure.

AlUla at night, stargazing dinner

Facts about alula

Currency – Saudi Riyal

Indirect flights from the UK,
primarily through Riyadh

Incredible history dating
back to 5000 BC

October to February
(Peak season)

Why should you travel to Alula​ with us?

AlUla transports you to a different world – of course, there is ancient history & culture in many global destinations, but the mystique of this region, how new to the world of tourism it is and how raw much of it can feel – without sacrificing your experience or quality – is very special and very appealing. Connect with our travel experts to curate your tailor-made itinerary to this magnificent part of the world.

Some of our favourite luxury resorts in alula

our habitas alula

Welcome to a sustainable home of wonder in AlUla with a stay at Our Habitas, where nature inspires creative expression, human connection and the pursuit of adventure. Designed to embrace the natural surroundings of the Ashar Valley, the villas offer scenic canyon views, private outdoor decks, indoor & outdoor showers, complimented by the regionally inspired restaurant that uses fresh ingredients from local farms.

Cloud7 Residence AlUla

cloud7 residence

Cloud7 Residence AlUla is the region’s newest destination where guests can explore the heritage sites, date farms and a vibrant community of artisans, adventure guides and hospitable families. A memorable stay in the secluded bungalows offers a taste of locally baked and farm-to-fork dishes – along with experiencing the local cuisine with the neighbourhood chef – live music nights with local guests and handicraft artisans.

The chedi hegra

Opening in August 2024, The Chedi Hegra will redefine luxury and authenticity in the heart of the ancient Nabataean site in northwest Saudi Arabia. With 33 bespoke rooms intricately connected to the mesmerising Hegra landscape, the property will showcase the awe-inspiring synergy between human expression and the natural environment, whilst featuring three fine-dining restaurants, a spa and a pool.

some of our favourite unique resorts in Alula

Things to do in alula

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